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Beáta Kozák was born in Hungary, but lives and works in Italy, in Bassano del Grappa, but considers herself a citizen of the world.​

From the beginning of her artistic research, her quest for Beauty, and her philosophical approach - here and now- helped her to discover new horizons, and to grow her artistic and human development.​​

​Beáta's practice - thanks to a humanistic and artistic training, it ranges between writing literary translations, photographs, and teaching art history.​

Her interest in painting comes from the evocative possibility in which, with lyrical gaze, she creates landscape and memory traces.

This exploration is immediately oriented towards the representation of water, of physical and metaphysical matter, rich of memories and symbols.

She 's a painter who prefers oil colors to build lyrical and chromatic narratives.


2022 - Eternity, Group exhibition,  The Holy Art Gallery, London 

2018/ 2021 -  Permanent exhibition, Villa Ca'Sette, Bassano del Grappa, Italy​

2017 - Solo exhibition,  The Theatre Mario del Monte of Treviso, Italy​

2017 - Solo exhibition, The Teatro Olimpico of Vicenza​

2017- Installation, workshop of poetry, Villa Ca'Sette, Bassano del Grappa​

2016 - Solo exhibition in Villa Fabbris, Thiene 

2016 - Solo exhibition, Asti 

2016 - Solo exhibition, Bassano del Grappa, Italy​

2016 - Performance of painting and poetry, Bassano del Grappa, Italy


Gazzettino di Vicenza

La Stampa di Asti

La Tribuna di Treviso

Il Corriere della Sera

Rai Sport 

7 Gold Channel




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