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My artistic research focuses on the theme of landscape, external landscape and internal landscape.
For me, painting does not mean imitating reality, but it also means dealing with the pictorial material, and interpreting it and transforming it into colors and shapes, and therefore opening the mind to new sensations.
Landscapes are often between the line of abstraction and figuration. All this I draw from my personal experiences and from disciplines such as literature or philosophy.
My process is not a planned proceeding, but rather starts with a deep self-research, and conception takes place the moment I pick up the brush and the images begin to develop from within my imagination to end up through the colors on the canvas. The fluid material that I apply in my works allows me to build abstract and lyrical landscapes where I try to recover that ancient bond that binds man to nature. Although I had a formal training in oil painting (restoration, drawing), my techniques are completely self-taught, where I try to pay attention to the use of ecological materials and also applying ancient techniques. In the works I experiment with different techniques, which can vary according to the subject: sometimes I prefer liquid and transparent forms, which seem almost watercolors for their lightness and for their non-corporeality on the canvas, sometimes instead to better express a dynamism, I use strong and vivid movements. In my recent artistic research I paint by superimposing different densities of colors creating various layers, which later react with each other by shaping the surface, thus creating new textures.
After all, I'm a curious experimenter who likes to explore different emotions, new waters, and new paths that are at the same time mysterious and familiar.
I love things that don't take me far, but take me deep.
Mine is an incessant desire to rediscover beauty.

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